Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lines you can't cross

Looking back at the semester, one discussion particularly stands out to me. We had just read Anzaldua's poem the Borderlands and someone had commented about the dangers of rigidity. Anzaldua's poem referred to an internal conflict within herself about her mixed identity, as well as external problems with the way people perceived her. Our group discussed the dangers of drawing too many lines between people. I believe that these categories and labels only serve to divide us further into even more little niches and cliques. Another problem is people are forced to identify with one "prime" identity- whether it be young, old, heterosexual, lesbian, white, black...these divisive lines make it difficult for people to be themselves. We are byproducts of many factors and characteristics but the groups society makes for us force us to repress all in favor of one.

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Aurora Stanton said...

I agree with you that it is dangerous to enforce people to choose a "prime" culture to adhere to in their life. If everyone did this cultures would only grow more rigid and traditional, it is through the integration of varying nations and ethnicticitys that help to weed out sometimes ridiculous, and sometimes dangerous traditional rituals.